Time Credits are a way of recognising the amazing things people do in their communities. If you give an hour of your time to your community, your community thanks you by giving you an hour to spend on something you would like to do.

Everyone’s time is worth the same with Time Credits, there’s no limit to how many Time Credits you can earn or spend, and as well as spending yourself, you can take friends or family with you or give them some of your Time Credits to spend themselves.

There are lots of ways to earn Time Credits across your community, and hundreds of ways to spend them across the country. Have a look at our website for spending opportunities in other regions of the UK.

You might not know that Time Credits are being earned and spent all over the country. You’re now part of a network of over 35,000 people who give their time to their community and earn and spend Time Credits. Welcome to the team!

Over 135,000 Time Credits have been earned already in London and almost 300 groups and organisations are involved.

You can find more about Time Credits at www.justaddspice.org.