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Share Your Story & earn 1 or 2 Time Credits

About the partner

We want to hear from you! Share your story and earn Time Credits. We want to hear about your experiences with Time Credits. Have you tried a new activity as a result of Time Credits? Have you made new friends or started a community group? Share with us your stories of earning and spending Time Credits; why Time Credits matter to you; or why you want to earn more. We’re also interested to hear from groups that organise opportunities to spend Time Credits within their services or the experiences of any of our partners in the Spend Network.

What do I need to know?

The nuts and bolts: We’ll be using your stories for future case studies, blogs and promotional materials. We can meet in person (depending on location), chat over the phone or send you a questionnaire to fill in. You can earn up to 2 Time Credits for sharing your experiences. If you want to share your story please email Sally at sallybrammall@wearetempo.org.

Partner information

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