Medway Asthma Self-Help (MASH)


Assisting in MASH's office and at our asthma advice sessions

About the partner

Medway Asthma Self-Help (MASH) has been helping Medway people with asthma information and support for 20+ years. Over 15,000 people in Medway have asthma. In the last five years, MASH has offered hundreds of nurse-led appointments and provided information to thousands of people. Our services are free, open to all, and feedback shows we make big improvements to the lives of people affected by this serious condition.

What do I need to know?

Description: MASH has many activities in the office and at our centre that volunteers can get involved in, from general office and day-to-day activities, fundraising, grant applications, telephone calls, booking appointments, through to helping us run our advice sessions and being a friendly face to welcome people as they arrive for their appointment with our asthma nurse. All volunteers must make an application and have training.A maximum of 8 time credits per month can be earned per volunteer.

Partner information

  • 01634855844
  • 131 Watling Street, Gillingham, ME7 2YY