Tiska Karate


Karate Class for 1 person - Tuesday afternoon

About the partner

TIska Karate's North London clubs were established in 2012 / 2013 under the instruction of Sensei Clinton Gregory, who started karate at the age of 14. The classes are primarily for children and young people but parents and guardians can also take part. There are classes available for all abilities.

What do I need to know?

Please call Clinton in advance to book your space at one of his Tuesday afternoon classes. Mention that you will be using Time Credits as payment and bring them along to give to Clinton. Please wear appropriate gym/exercise clothing for the class and bring a bottle of water along with you as well.

Important information
  • Do individuals and families need to book in advance? YES
  • Can groups attend if booked in advance? NO

Partner information

  • 07792273644
  • Hendon Leisure Centre, Marble Drive, London, NW2 1XQ