The Kitchen Garden - Ty Mawr


One afternoon Art class

About the partner

The Kitchen Garden is a local showcase for small-scale food production using organic principles. You can visit us by appointment with 24 hours minimum notice for a tour of the garden with tea or coffee & cake, where we will introduce you to our practices in sustainability. You are also welcome to purchase vegetables and much more from our shop.

What do I need to know?

ART DAYS AT THE KITCHEN GARDEN. 2:00pm - 4:30pm. Our relaxing day unfolds with a tour of the Kitchen Garden and grounds where you will either be selecting a location within which to paint, or selecting vegetables, flowers or foliage to paint, in the shop or the Winehouse. We will then have two hours of Painting/Drawing. The afternoon will be spent with individual instruction for all followed by a discussion of the day's work. To find out more call Rae on 07949 396589 or email rae.gervis@lime.org.uk

Important information
  • Do individuals and families need to book in advance? YES
  • Can groups attend if booked in advance? NO

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