Aura Wales


Afon Spa - use for up to one hour (not incl. treatments)

About the partner

Aura aims to Improve the quality of life for customers through the provision of popular culture and leisure opportunities that improve mental health and physical well-being. Any money generated by our company Aura Leisure and Libraries Limited supports our non-profit organisation and mission. There is no commercial activity involved.

What do I need to know?

Here at Afon Spa we provide the perfect destination for you to escape stress and discover tranquillity.

We aim to restore calm whilst creating unforgettable experiences for everyone who walks through the spa doors. By the time you walk back out you’ll be feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Whether you visit by yourself or with your friends, Afon Spa will exceed every expectation.

To view our opening hours, please visit our website:

Important information
  • Do individuals and families need to book in advance? NO
  • Can groups attend if booked in advance? NO

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