House of Mass


10:30 - 12: Ballet for professional dancers


12 - 12:30: Cardio, stretching and more for professional dancers


12:45-13:30: Bodywork (pilates, yoga, strengthening, stretching) for everyone


13:30-14:30: Creative processes, open rehearsals, methodologies etc. Aimed at dancers, creatives welcome.


Mondays 19:30-21: Beginners Ballet with Renato Peroni from English National Ballet


Thursdays 09:30-10:30: High level Pilates and floor barre with Benny Ord

About the partner

House of Mass Studios is offering a curated schedule of movement-classes, aimed primarily at professionals. We believe however, that excellence doesn’t necessarily need to be advanced and are scheduling a wider array of lessons also. House of Mass is home to everyone with an interest in movement. And this also means to be a studio for creative research, development and sharings.

What do I need to know?

You can spend TIme Credits at any of the classes. Please arrive with plenty of time before the class, no late comers will be admitted. Over 18s only. No booking required, unless otherwise stated on the Facebook page, you can find a link to this on the right of this page. If you have any questions about what to expect, you can email Daniela: houseofmass@zoho.com

Important information
  • Do individuals and families need to book in advance? NO
  • Can groups attend if booked in advance? NO

Partner information

  • Silver Building, 2nd Floor, 60 Dock Road, Royal Docks, London, E16 1YZ
  • houseofmass